Why isn't my website showing on Google?

Why aren’t I getting calls from my website?
Why aren’t I getting customers?
Why aren’t I getting sales or bookings from my website?
Why aren’t I getting leads from my website?
Why isn’t my website working for me?

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If you have asked any of these questions, we have some answers for you.
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Selling on the internet is NOT a numbers game. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. By simply directing 1000’s of visitors to your website, you are not guaranteeing that any of those visitors will buy from you. Here’s why:
100 high quality visitors will drive you more sales than 1000 low quality visitors.
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What is a quality visitor? They are a perfect fit for your target customer. If you are a business targeting men over the age 40 with an interest in classic motors, then you really need traffic from this demographic. Your first step to getting quality traffic is to understand exactly who your target customer is. When you’ve done that, what information platform do they use? Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Instagram or Tik tok? Where would they search for your product or service? Are they on forums? Determine which platform you should be focusing your traffic building efforts on.
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It looks a lot easier than it actually is.
Customers might not understand what you are offering. When buyers make a purchasing decision, they go through a buyer’s transition process:
‘I have a problem that needs solving’
‘How do I need to solve it?’ ‘Let’s look at all the options available’
‘Now I’m ready to make a decision’

To engage your customer, you must demonstrate that you understand exactly what their problem is, and that you have a solution. If you aren’t doing that, they will skip to another website. (Your bounce rate). You need to communicate your value to the visitor within the first 10 seconds.

So, get them engaged, with testimonials, special offers and create a sense of urgency around the purchase of your product or service to help the visitor to press the button and connect with you.

If your site is not showing up on Google, it could be one of the following reasons: Google has not received a registration for your website or business.  Google doesn't consider your site to be “trustworthy” or “relevant” enough to show it to it's users. 
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